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Easy Eyebrow Shaper

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Quick And Perfect Eyebrows!


Are you struggling to get your eyebrows in perfect shape?
The Easy Eyebrow Shaper will be the tool that you must love. It is great for makeup beginners too as it is so simple to use. It is specially made for trimming, shaping eyebrows easily with confidence. With this tool, you can draw your eyebrows exquisitely and accurately no matter if you use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pen. 


  • EASY AND QUICK - Just place and start drawing! A very quick and easy way to shape your eyebrows instead of spending much time trying to get both eyebrows the same shape.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS - For those who cannot draw perfect eyebrows with free-hand, this is your life saver to make a good shape with one shot! Eyebrow powder and pen are also applicable to get stunning results.
  • MAKE PERFECT ANGLE - The shaper is made with a precise border that shapes your eyebrow perfectly without complicated ratio calculation. Just as simple as that!
  • COMFORTABLE NOSE PAD - There is a nose pad for holding the shaper in place without slipping away while drawing with pen or powder.


  • Shell Material: Plastic
  • Item Size: 125mm x 90mm


  • 1 x Easy Eyebrow Shaper