About Us

Freya's Beauty Lab's story is unique in the sense that it came to be by pure coincidence. While searching through countless online stores my girlfriend discovered and fell in love with a locally owned and operated website. We were amazed at the outstanding customer service, extremely fast delivery times, and superior quality products. It was such a breath of fresh air to discover a store that truly cared about the customers they served.
However, after moving over 1000 miles from our hometown for her job, we discovered our favorite website could no longer cater to us anymore.
This forced us to scour the internet for a global website we could truly rely on. To our shock, this was harder said than done. 
This brought us to a realization, most online websites lack the same sense of warmth and care you receive from a local business. The disconnect associated with providing services to a large number of customers could be felt in their emails, phone calls, and social media reps. Not to mention the lack of attention and care that went into the quality of their products.
That is why in 2016 we decided to start our own online store with an emphasis on customers satisfaction. First and foremost we focused on making our customers happy. As we grew and developed we made sure that our primary focus stayed on our customers and providing the best possible services to you. In 2018 we opened our doors to the rest of the world and made the transition to Freya's Beauty Lab. We have now had over 1,000,000 orders since our global opening and we continue to provide top quality products and services, just check out our "Happy Customers Page".